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The Human Imagination Project (HIP) is a virtual space that exists to help you get more intention from your attention, reclaim your imagination, and reconnect to what matters to you, so that you can live a life of presence, purpose, and possibility.

We incorporate timefulness practices, applied improvisation, storytelling, and other creative interventions as ways to help people find new ways to connect to and make sense of the world.

We believe in helping good people do more good and supporting their efforts to transform their own lives and the lives of others.

We do this through online courses, programs, workshops, speaking, events, coaching, and micro-art interventions.

Our Featured Program:

The Something

A Co-Working Space for Writers!

 Have a hankering to write "something" but struggle to find the time, the space, or to even know what that "something" is that you want to write?

The Something was created for you!

The Something is a free, virtual, synchronous, co-writing space where you can claim time to write your something, whatever that something is.  It can be a book, a letter, a grocery list, a business plan, a difficult e-mail, a haiku---whatever.  The point of The Something is simple, to provide a kind and welcoming space for you to write your something, whatever that something is.

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A Co-Working Space for Those Who Want to Write Something. Free!

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The Year of the Ordinary Extraordinary

Connect to the magic of the ordinary, the extraordinary, and every thing in-between.


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The Year of the Ordinary Extraordinary

Join us in January to plan out your year in a way that helps you connect to the magic of the ordinary, the extraordinary, and everything in-between.

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The Decadeers

The Decadeers was launched in 2020 with the intention of bringing a group of people together once-a-year for the next ten years, to have a conversation.

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We Are All Dying

Why is it so hard to talk about the one thing that we will all do eventually? In this six-week course, through a series of kind and gentle conversations and activities, we will explore how to live a life of meaning, connection, and purpose and consider how to hold gently our inevitable end.

Coming in 2024

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