The HIP Mission, Vision, Values and Ethical Commitments


The Human Imagination Project (HIP) project takes seriously our ethical commitments to our team, our community, and the environment. We are a small organization trying to make a big difference and to do so in a way that is aligned with our values. We aspire (albeit sometimes imperfectly) to live those values through these ethical commitments.  



The Human Imagination project exists to help people reconnect to their attention, intention, and imagination.



Through the simple act of paying attention, people connect to the everyday magic of the ordinary, the extraordinary and everything in-between. Through this act of deliberate attention, we invite a world where people live with intention and imagination so that they may create and live better stories for themselves, their communities, and the world. 



Be Kind. Be Generous. Be Curious.

We believe in the transformative power of kindness, curiosity, and generosity. When Lamb Ink, LLC (the company that would become the Human Imagination Project) was established in 2013, it was founded on this simple idea: “be kind,  be generous, be happy and use improvisation and storytelling to help others to do the same.” 

Since then, our mission and vision has evolved and changed and so too have our core values. Those values are now: Be Kind, Be Generous. Be Curious. We still want to be happy. We still want you to be happy AND we recognize that sometimes happiness is elusive, sometimes it is non-existent. 


Ethical Commitments


Create a Space of Belonging

Belonging is that indescribable feeling of being welcome. We work to create a space where people feel welcomed, heard, seen, and valued.


We Are Part of the Slow Work Movement

Slow business is about people and purpose over profit. It is about intentional, sustainable, and meaningful business strategies.

We do not believe in growth for the sake of growth. We do not believe in fast for the sake of fast. We believe that growth should be generative rather than extractive—what are we creating? What are we helping others to create? What good are we bringing into the world?

This also means we believe in time off. Not being on call 24/7 and having work life balance for our team. 


We Are Intentional About Our Correspondence and Communication

There is no shortage of horrifying stats, documenting how much time we spend on email. Throw in instant messaging, social media, and whatever-comes-next and it's not surprising what a giant time suck just keeping up can be.  We don’t want the act of reading our correspondence or messaging to result in that sad woosh emptiness feeling of time poorly spent. Instead we would like you to feel a little ping of delight, maybe even happiness, dare we say it perhaps even a bit of joy when you open a message from us and craft our messages accordingly.


We Separate Urgency from Importance

We value communication. When the nature of the correspondence requires it, we like to think before we write. This means that sometimes, when you contact us, it might take us a while to respond. It is not because we don’t care, it is because we do. 


Transparency and Consistency with Pricing

Once a workshop, webinar, or event is open for registration, the pricing will be clearly conveyed. We will also clearly convey discounts and early access. We will not subject you to an endless scroll about the offer, then force you into a tyrannical sales funnel rabbit hole, only for you to find out, six weeks and 27,000 emails  later, that, once you discover the price, it isn’t something you don't want to or cannot invest in. 


No Shitty Language

Want to unsubscribe from our newsletter? Not interested in joining an event or workshop? You will be missed! And we are not going to force you to click call-to-action buttons that say things like, “yes, I want to unsubscribe and ruin the rest of my life by missing out!” Life can be unkind enough. The last thing that you need is to be insulted or by web copy.  No shaming, no pejorative headlines, no jabs.  


We Give Back

We offer pro-bono training, workshops, and coaching. We also provide scholarships and discounts for our most popular programs. We make contributions to organizations whose work we support. We also feature NPO, NGO, and pro-social organizations in our monthly newsletter. To find out more visit the Financial Assistance page at Eleven Minutes to Mars.


We Support Small Businesses

We know what is like to be a small business. We also know how much support means, thus we support small businesses.


We Spread the Word about Things We Like.

We spread the word about people, services, products, and practices that we like


Environmental Stewardship

When possible we use recycled or upcycled, cruelty free, sustainably sourced products. While we deeply miss in-person events, we also appreciate the ability to connect with people across the globe in virtual spaces. We actively work to limit our carbon footprint by limiting unnecessary travel. 


We Are Work in Practice

We believe in a life of continuous learning and practice. This means that we are never quite done (until we are totally done).