The Quest:

Improvisation for Transformation



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Discover the improvisational mindset and storytelling as means of exploring, experiencing, and making sense of the world.


Discover the building blocks of the improvisational mindset in a safe, comfortable, non-performative, virtual workshop setting.


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Embark on an insight-filled adventure. What happens when you take the ‘improvisational mindset’ normally reserved for the workshop or the stage out into the world? What will you experience? What will you discover? What will you create? Where will your day take you?

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We frame our experience in terms of stories. Those stories, in turn, shape our experience. At the conclusion of the Quest, the sharing of stories helps to clarify the experience, capture insights and learn from others.

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Where we've been...

Since being re-discovered in 2014, dozens of Quest workshops have been held in cities across the globe, spanning three continents, thirteen countries, and sixteen cities.

In 2020 the Quest went on-line, making it accessible to people from across the globe.

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Quest Benefits

Learn more about the Quest, how it works, and the benefits of going on a Quest.


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The Story of the Quest

Where did the Quest come from? Learn more about the fascinating history of the Quest.

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Who is it for?

Whether you are an indiviudal or part of a group or an organization, here is where you can find more about how to make the Quest work for you and your team.

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