Do You Want to Write Something?

Have you been wanting to write "something" but struggle to find the time, space, and place to do so?


Would you like to be part of a warm, welcoming community, that provides a time and space for you to write your something, whatever that something might be?


Welcome to The Something, a free virtual co-writing space that provides a kind, supportive, and structured community so you can write your something. 


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Welcome to the Something!

The structure of The Something is simple. Bring a group of people together each week to write something and by something we mean anything.

We meet virtually on Zoom. Each session lasts one hour. It begins with a short introduction and overview. Then you share what it is you are going to work on, you work on it, and at the end, there is a short reflection of how it went.

Please note that each sprint is five sessions. You can attend as many or as few of these as works for you. You will need to register for each session.

The Something

Write something. Anything.

So many of us want to write "something" but finding the time to do that can be challenging. But here is the thing, writing something, even if it is just the word, "something" is better than writing nothing. The Something was created to provide a virtual time, space, and community to help you do just that.

The Someone

You + Community

The benefits of creating within a community are well documented. Each week, you can connect with a friendly group of people who share the same goal: write something. Whether it is a novel, a grocery list, a journal entry, a blog, whatever, we are here to support you when you write your somethings.

The Some Time

One hour. Once a week.

Despite the fact that the demands on our time can feel like they are ever increasing, the time we have to devote to those things is stuck at 24 hours for each day. Finding time to write can be challenging. The Something was created to help you set aside time for writing.

"And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

Sylvia Plath
The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

The Story of The Something

A few years ago, I decided to "write something" every day. I was less specific about what that something might be and some days, that literally meant writing the word "something" down in my journal and that was the only thing I wrote, but at least I wrote something. When the bar is set low, it is easy to clear it often. In doing this, I was reminded that writing is a physical act that requires time, space, and place. Time to write, a space to do it, and a place to put it. Sometimes, coordinating those things can be a challenge. And even if you do manage to set aside time, sometimes that time can be sacrificed for other things, thus adding another element: people can help created a protected space.

When we write in community, we show up for our writing, for ourselves, and for each other. When we know we are showing up for all those things, it makes it easier to protect and honor that time to write our somethings.

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The Something

A free, virtual, co-working space created for you to have the time and space to write something.

That "something" can be a blog post, a novel, an article, a grocery list, a love letter, whatever.

It is yours to write.

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What's the Story with the Squirrels and Rabbits?

The rabbits are an homage to the White Rabbit In Alice in Wonderland. The White Rabbit invites us to contemplate time, responsibility, curiosity, and the pursuit of the unknown. The act of writing is similar, time can warp and distort, stretch and disappear. We can find unknown worlds, lose access to ones we know about, and embracing it all with a mindset of curiosity can be tremendously helpful.

Squirrels are often credited with being apt at attracting our attention. Part of the power of the Something is to help us attend to our attention, thus the Squirrel also seemed an appropriate proxy for our attention. The illustrations were created in collaboration with Mid-Journey AI.