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Conversation No. 5. January 2024


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Welcome to the Decadeers

The word "Decadeer" comes from a combination of the word "decade" plus the suffix "-eer" which means "a person connected with something or doing an activity." Thus, a Decadeer is "one who meets every year for a conversation."

The Decadeers was launched in 2020, by Jeanne Lambin, with the intention of bringing together a group of people once a year, every year, for the next ten years to have a conversation. Now entering it's fifth year, we have welcomed dozens of people from eleven different countries.

Inspired by ideas like Svarbald Global Seedbank, the Human Library Organization, Storycorps, and just genuine curiosity, the Decadeers is an experiment---one that, no doubt, will continue to evolve a bit as the years march on.

Whether you were a part of our first conversation or will be joining us for the first time, we would love to have you join The Decadeers.

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"Thinking and talking about time in the longer perspective of decade is fascinating. Hearing other people's stories is insightful and lovely."

A. Decadeer 2021

How Does It Work?


🦌 The Decadeers is about creating a space to pause, reflect, consider, and connect.


💕 It is a free event.  There is an option to make a contribution but there is no requirement to do so.
🌏 To accommodate different time zones there are different options/sessions to choose from.


💻  It is a live, virtual, event. We meet via Zoom. It is not recorded.
👀 Because of the participatory nature of the conversation, please plan on having your camera on for the call.
⏰ The meeting lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the group size.


💭 We will chat about the year that is leaving, the one coming, and do a little time mental time traveling.
💌 There will be a series of prompts for a guided discussion and, at the end, you will be invited to send your future self an e-mail or letter.



Who is it for?


It is for anybody who wants to be a part of a delightful experiment that helps us mark the passage of time, reflect on the passing of another year, and to do so in the company of others.


Hi. I'm Jeanne.
I have been obsessed with time, memory, and imagination for as long as I can remember. Thus, it makes sense that my first adult job was as an archaeologist. I have since moved on from archaeology, but not from that desire to unearth stories, to explore, to discover, and help others to do the same. One of the things that i love to do is to create rituals to help people mark the passage of time in a meaniful and connecting way. The Decadeers is one of those creations.


Since the name "Decadeer" was evocative of the animal that bears the same name, it seemed appropriate to chose a deer as the animal advocate for the group. The first image of the Decadeer was a very simple black and white image. In the beginning of 2023, with the advent an array of AI image generation options, it became possible to create new "Decadeers.





We have a few options so hopefully no one has to stay up too late or get up too early!

Registration is via Eventbrite.



🦌 GROUP 1 🦌

January 6

9:00 – 11:00 AM
Chicago Time | CST (UTC -6)

Best for the Americas, Europe, & Africa

Conversation Completed

⏰ GROUP 2 ⏰

January 13

9:00 – 11:00 AM
Chicago Time | CST (UTC -6)

Best for the Americas, Europe, & Africa

Register Now (via Eventbrite)

🗓️ GROUP 3 🗓️

January 25

7:00 – 9:00 PM
Chicago Time | CST (UTC -6)

Best for the Americas & Asia-Pacific

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We have Answers!

Whether you have been with the Decadeers since the beginning, or are joining for the first time, here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

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