Feeling Overwhelmed? Read this!

attention intention overwhelm screentime Sep 28, 2023

Feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you've had the experience of responding to that experience of overwhelm by doing something that doesn't help the situation (a recent travel planning fiasco springs to mind for me). Thus, I found this short list of common mistakes helpful...even if I might label the behaviors as common responses rather than mistakes. Feeling overwhelmed can feel overwhelming enough without feeling like.."OVERWHELMED? YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!"

Title challenges aside, I found "Response" "No. 1 You think you don’t have time for actions that would help you" very resonant and I particular appreciated this paragraph:

👀 People often have great ideas about things that would help them feel better and more in control...however, they dismiss them because they think they’re too busy or that it’s not the right time, waiting to take those actions until a more ideal moment that typically never arrives. Instead of thinking about what would be ideal, choose the best option that’s easily available to you now.👀

In this world of so much muchness, it can be far too easy to dismiss the accessible, and to lose track of the magic in the moments that we have, in search of that ideal moment that may never come.

And if you want to share some ways you cope with overwhelm, please do!

You can check out the article here.

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