We Love a Good List

lists Sep 20, 2023
An AI generated image of a squirrel in the style of a painting. The squirrel is wearing overalls and standing at a desk. There is an open book on the desk along with ink pots, a tree branch other other curiousities. Behind the  squirrel are bookshelves filled with books and a window. It is daylight outside and light shines in through the window. Above the squirrel are the words, "Oh What will I learn today?"

Especially when that list is about retaining information. Some might call it studying, or learning, others might call it creating a better catchment device for capturing some of the abundant and endless slurry of incessantly available information.

We are fond of the lists created by Pocket (aka your own private corner of the web to spend quality time with great articles). One of their most recent lists, "How to Study More Effectively No Matter What You're Trying to Learn" worth a gander or at least a bookmark to check out later.

So if you want to learn a new skill, ace a new skill, or want to learn a bunch about your new favorite hobby, check out this handy list curated by Pocket. 

Get some doses of delight.

Whether its a chance to register early for an upcoming workshop or peruse an amazing list of radio stations from around the globe, we like to curate attention worthy content.

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